Most people use to-do lists to organise and manage their work. They create tasks for the future to remind themselves of that thing they need to do, e.g. “I need to call that person next week, I’ll create a task for next Wednesday so I don’t forget about it.”

While creating tasks is a good idea and seems harmless, for real estate agents whose job is to talk to a lot of people, that can easily go out of control.

Imagine having 2,000 contacts in your database and wanting to talk to all of them at least every 3 months. You would create tasks in your CRM to remind yourself to pick up the phone. Realistically these tasks would be in addition to other admin, marketing and finance tasks that are required for any listings and sold properties. Just imagine the number of tasks per day that you’d end up having. Wouldn’t that stress and demotivate you?

“I’ve got nearly 2,000 contacts in my database and every 3 months, I set a task for all those people. Over time it just got impossible to keep on top of those tasks.

I used to wake up in the morning with task anxiety and see I’ve got a list of 75 tasks to get through in the day. The anxiety from that was just overwhelming and then you never actually got the tasks done. The calls you did you were rushing through.”

– Daniel Oliver, Harris Real Estate

How many tasks do you have per day and how many relate to making phone calls? While it is important that you keep in contact with your database, you possibly can’t have one-on-one conversations with all of them alone. You need help, and that help comes from technology.

Meet RiTA, the best digital employee in real estate. Powered by Ai, she does the jobs you don’t have time to do, things like creating hyper-relevant call lists of people who are most likely open to sell or buy, having two-way SMS conversations to generate leads, replying to buyer enquiries via email, etc.

“With RiTA I’ve now completely removed my tasks. I’m just letting RiTA’s algorithm tell me who I need to call. I focus on the hot leads and RiTA is kind of sorting out who is hot and who I need to call.”

Watch our interview with Daniel Oliver, Property Consultant at Harris Real Estate. Daniel shared his experience with task anxiety and told us how he overcame that problem with digital assistant RiTA.