Lead Automation

We’re revolutionising the way real estate professionals generate, qualify and nurture leads. Hyper-personalised automation, powered by Ai, means less work and more revenue!

Take your lead generation strategy to the next level with Ai and automation.

RiTA sends hyper-personalised messages and qualifies leads. Automatically and at scale.

No two emails are the same

RiTA sends beautiful, hyper-personalised emails to the best possible prospects. She responds to buyer enquiries with data from your CRM and automatically qualifies them for you.

Two-way SMS conversations

Open rates on SMS are much higher than emails so don’t miss the opportunity to leverage this channel. RiTA sends and replies to text messages intelligently, qualifying leads and updating their details.

Drip campaigns

By setting a daily limit of recipients on each automation campaign, RiTA ensures that she doesn’t create more work for you. It’s all about you being able to follow up the leads at the right time, without feeling overwhelmed.

Set and forget

Do the setup once and let the magic happen. When you turn on automation, your campaigns run on autopilot and leads continuously come through. Sit back and get new leads effortlessly.

It’s time to call the best and automate the rest.

Chris Philp

Stone Real Estate Macarthur

One thing you have to be ready for is the amount of appraisals you are actually going to receive. We are getting multiple responses a day with owners within our database who are very interested as to what their property is now worth.


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