What is RiTA?

There has never been a better time to connect with your community.

Watch how RiTA helps real estate agents like you build hyper-personalised relationships with the best prospects at the best time.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve had our heads down at AiRE to accelerate development of the next version of RiTA. Adding features that we hope will give agents and businesses an enhanced tool to help specifically with current challenges.

We’ve spoken with hundreds of our customers trying to understand how we, and RiTA, can help in the coming days.

What’s New With RiTA?

Here are our top three new features to help agents and businesses survive COVID-19 and thrive into the future.

Book Private Appointments With Ease and Invite Clients.

Book as many buyer appointments as you can to keep your transactions moving, directly from the RiTA interface.

Appointments are your key to survival as you won’t be able to survive on inbound leads.

Add to your diary and invite clients by email.

Organise and Visualise Your Sales Pipeline.

RiTA’s new pipeline feature allows to you qualify and quantify your future pipeline based on the estimated selling dates of each property owner.

RiTA manages this as time passes by so you’ll always have access to your most important contacts in simple, visual layout.

RiTA scores your data and tells you how to improve each contact.

For agents working from home and for offices with team members who can no longer do their current role, these data improvement activities are an excellent redeployment of skill and time.

Data improvement will mine opportunity now and build future value in your business.

Plus a few extra features that you’ve been waiting for…

SMS with RiTA

With calling, SMS and email options RiTA is your omni-channel outbound solution for human to human connection.

Enhanced Reporting

RiTA helps agents and leaders keep track of progressand goals better than ever before.

RITA Case Studies

Catch up with some of Rita’s employers around Australia and New Zealand.

Click the location hotspots below to see read the case studies.

Watt Realty Watt Realty was Rita’s first job. Their initial goal for Rita was to free up an existing sales admin resource from having to manage all of the agency’s enquiries. Read more…
BresicWhitney BresicWhitney are a leading lifestyle property group in inner-Sydney, and in 2018 embarked on a data consolidation project to deliver a single customer view across all facets of their business. Read more…
LJ Hooker City Residential LJ Hooker City Residential Perth came on board as early adopters of Rita. As well as utilising all of Rita’s existing services for sales agents, leasing and BDMs; we set about to explore what Rita could do for property managers. Read more…
Australia and NZ Lost Opportunities When visibility meets strategy. Rita can help you find the silver lining in competitor listings for sales and rentals. This is a case study of lost opportunities from a medium-sized regional real estate business in Australia and a small metropolitan agency in New Zealand. Read more…

RiTA is a digital employee that helps real estate agents find and nurture relationships through hyper-personalised prospecting and customer service. 

Created by software company AiRE, RiTA combines data from your CRM and the market to create a prioritised list of prospects for agents to contact, and she tells them what to say when they make contact.

RiTA can also automate intelligent and scenario-specific replies to buyer enquiries, freeing up your human resources to be more, well, human.

RiTA takes care of the complex tasks, so your day can be simple. 

Welcome to a whole new way to work.

What Does RiTA Do?

Pinpoint Prospecting

RiTA helps agents take customer relationships from cold to gold. 

RiTA does this by combining what’s in your CRM with third-party data about the market to identify the most logical prospects. She uses a combination of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to cross-reference every contact in your CRM with the market activity around them. And she tracks new listings for both sales and rentals near your customers to find engagement opportunities you didn’t even know existed. 

She finds the right reasons for agents to reach out and reconnect with the right people. It takes the guesswork out of prospecting, helps your message cut through, and ensures agents are more productive and profitable. 

RiTA Responds

RiTA will ensure you never miss an opportunity, with speedy and personable responses to every buyer enquiry that hits your email inbox. 

Unlike other automated replies that serve as mere placeholders, RiTA generates scenario-specific responses and replies intelligently and immediately to buyer enquiries. She’ll connect the customer with the right agent, and if it’s a new contact, she’ll even add them to your database. She’s always working — even when you’re not. 

Your response times will be faster, your customers will be more satisfied, and agents and sales admin staff will be free to focus on higher-order, more dollar-productive work that requires a human touch.

Is RiTA Right For Me?

Real estate agents across Australia and New Zealand are already working with RiTA to supercharge their businesses. This is what they have to say.

“RiTA finds contacts you’ve overlooked, uncared for, or ignored and she then finds different ways for you to reconnect and rebuild that relationship. Since working alongside RiTA I have achieved two BIG goals! I have grown GCI and improved my relationships with prospects.”

Tamara LeeSalesperson, Ray White Ashgrove

“RiTA is a time saver and a money maker. The time we save can now be spent on being face-to-face with our community, which is where they want us to be.”

Justin WattCEO, Watt Realty, QLD

“RiTA has become our number one recruitment tool and our team love working with her.”

Rebecca HaltonCEO, LJ Hooker City Residential

“We’ve definitely increased our engagement because of RiTA, and that’s led to more appraisals and more listings and more sales. I would absolutely recommend RiTA to anyone, 100 per cent. We love RiTA!”

Caitlin EllisSystems Manager, DiJONES, NSW

“We’re now able to make better decisions around our data, prioritising areas of attention, and ensuring lost opportunity is minimised.”

Will GosseDirector, BresicWhitney, NSW

Are you RiTA Ready?

We can help you find out

To get the data she needs to find opportunities in your database, RiTA needs access to a modern CRM with an API. We currently integrate with Rex, MyDesktop, Agentbox and Box and Dice. 

If you’re not sure, say hello and we’ll be in touch to see if you’re ready to have RiTA in your business.


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