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Catch up with some of Rita’s employers around Australia and New Zealand.

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Watt Realty Watt Realty was Rita’s first job. Their initial goal for Rita was to free up an existing sales admin resource from having to manage all of the agency’s enquiries. Read more…
BresicWhitney BresicWhitney are a leading lifestyle property group in inner-Sydney, and in 2018 embarked on a data consolidation project to deliver a single customer view across all facets of their business. Read more…
Ray White Mackay Rita joined the team in Ray White Mackay just after her first birthday in 2018. The team of great agents weren’t afraid to pick up the phone – they simply needed help with organising who to call and what to say, then getting the notes and information back in the CRM. Read more…
LJ Hooker City Residential LJ Hooker City Residential Perth came on board as early adopters of Rita. As well as utilising all of Rita’s existing services for sales agents, leasing and BDMs; we set about to explore what Rita could do for property managers. Read more…
Australia and NZ Lost Opportunities When visibility meets strategy. Rita can help you find the silver lining in competitor listings for sales and rentals. This is a case study of lost opportunities from a medium-sized regional real estate business in Australia and a small metropolitan agency in New Zealand. Read more…

Rita’s goal is to empower the real estate industry to deliver an exponentially greater level of service to consumers by reducing the amount of time agents spend on screens and encouraging agents to build deeper relationships with their local community of contacts.

The first thing Rita does at a new agency is analyse the CRM and the local market. She produces unique business insights about how that agency can clean up and leverage the data they have to find more opportunity.

Aire creates a set of strategies, unique to you, your data and your agency, that will put Rita to work creating opportunities from your CRM.

Based on those strategies, Rita will observe what is happening in the CRM and the local market each day. She then identifies the best opportunities for agents and suggests them in a prioritised way, she even suggests things to talk about.

How does RITA work?

Rita combines three different types of technology to be a Digital Employee for real estate agents.


Automation means that you don’t need to ‘use’ Rita like traditional software. She knows what to do and works for you so you can focus on being an agent.

Artificial Intelligence

Rita’s artificial intelligence, developed exclusively for agents by Aire, connects you to touch the right contacts from your CRM each day; for the right reasons, and at the right time.

Your Data in Your CRM

The data in your CRM is what Rita uses to find the best opportunities for you. In that way, no two Rita’s are alike – because no two businesses are alike or have the same data.

Are you Robot Ready?

We can help you find out

Rita is not a CRM. She is designed to act like a personal assistant for agents and uses the data in the CRM to find opportunities. To access the data and do that work, she needs access to a modern CRM with an API. We currently integrate with Rex, MyDesktop and Agentbox. Box and Dice are set to come online in 2019. If you are not sure, say hello and we’ll be in touch to help you work out whether you are ready to join the robot revolution in real estate.

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