At AiRE, we estimate that the real estate industry has over 350 million contact records stored in CRMs but not used properly or at all. Out of the 350 million contact records, a significant portion does not even have an email address, mobile number or residential address.

When agents start using RiTA to generate more consistent, qualified leads, we work closely with them to improve the quality of their data and clean their database. Why? Because the cleaner the data the more opportunities to list and sell.

RiTA analyses everyone in their CRM and gives each contact a star rating based on the relationship history and data quality. From there, it’s all about executing the right strategies through different channels.

Contacts missing email addresses

Your contacts either have a phone number (landline) or mobile phone number against their records but no email address so you can’t send regular, branded content to them.

For property owners
Run a market update campaign to get their email address and even update their residential address via call or SMS.

Create a custom call list in RiTA that targets property owners that you cannot email but can call or SMS. Here’s your script:

Hi Jared, have you seen the latest prices properties are selling for in Coomera? Yours is most likely worth tens of thousands more than you think – would you like me to forward through an updated appraisal?

If they say yes: Great, could I please confirm your address and email?

BOOM. You’ve got their current address and email address.

For buyers
Ask how they are going in their purchasing journey via call or SMS. Here’s the script:

Hi Caroline, just checking in on your property purchasing journey. Have you found anything yet?

If they say yes: Congratulations, may I ask where you ended up buying?

From the response, update your CRM and mark this contact as a property owner.

If they say no: No problem. Will this be a home for you to live in or an investment?
Followed by: What is your criteria for your new purchase (suburbs, budget, beds/baths/cars)?
Followed by: Thank you. One final question, what is your email address? We will send you through anything that may suit.

There you go. Through this script, you refine their buyer requirements and get their email address.

Contacts without residential addresses

If some of your property owners do not have a residential address attached to their records, you can re-use the market update script above to extract that information through an engaging conversation.

Via phone, you can pick up the phone yourself or outsource the calls to AiRESourcing, our telemarketing service. Via SMS, you can let RiTA have automated two-way SMS conversations on your behalf to save you time.

Contacts without phone numbers

The good old email and letterbox drops would work in this scenario. And the best way to get their mobile number is to offer something of interest and value to them such as a complementary report on the recent sales and rentals in their suburb.

Contacts without emails or phone numbers

If you have contacts in your database that only have a name and address, you have two options:

  1. If you really don’t want to let go of these contacts and are willing to spend some money to “save” them, try letterbox drops. But prepare yourself to do option 2.
  2. Let go of the data. Get rid of it. Truth is if you don’t know who they are and have no contact information at all, those people don’t know you either. Therefore you do not have any relationship with them. It’s better to get rid of the bad, useless data and focus on the good data.

As our customers start to understand the power of data, they become strategic and really work on ways to improve their data. Corina Smith, General Manager at Smith Partners Real Estate, became data-obsessed with RiTA and successfully cleaned her database. Check out her case study here.