Your CRM is a big bucket that holds lots of data. Your data, most of the time, is categorised with different labels and the way you target those segments with email communications may or may not cut through.

In this post, we are going to show you a simple segmentation method that helps focus your time and energy towards the right people at the right time.

Divide your data into 4 segments: Now, New, Future and Old.

Your Now Contacts

People in this segment are your current clients, your hot sellers, buyers, investors. They require most of your attention in order to provide the best possible experience. This is where you work on magic, and do what you do best in real estate.

Your Old Contacts

This is your biggest pool of data. People in this segment are mainly disengaged. Most of them probably don’t even know who you are and vice versa. But there is huge potential in the Old data. Don’t let them slip away.

We recommend putting a targeted SMS automation campaign to get these people re-engaged with you. Don’t do it yourself because there are way too many people for you to contact one by one. Use RiTA to send personalised SMS to a limited number of people each day, or two or three times a week. The purpose is to rebuild the relationship with them on autopilot. Don’t distract yourself by doing the groundwork. Remember, you have your Now people to take care of.

An example of RiTA’s automated two-way SMS conversations to help drive appraisals in your Old data could be:

From the outcome, pick up the phone and start engaging with the people who are interested in your expert advice.

This is where you save time and effort.

Your Future Contacts

About 5% of the property owners in your database will sell in the next 12 months. With that in mind, you know you can’t afford to ignore these people.

This is all about nurturing your relationships with each contact to make sure when they are ready to sell, they speak to you first.

Here’s one of the many techniques we use in RiTA to nurture your Future contacts:

Leverage market data to start hyper-personalised conversations with each contact. RiTA will have these conversations for you at scale and pass on the leads.

Do not send bulk messages here because you won’t be able to respond to the people who are interested in a timely manner. It’s about the quality of the conversation and the relationship, not the quantity.

Your New Contacts

As the name suggests these contacts have just / recently been added to your database. Most of them would be new buyers that have enquired on one of your listings. The main thing you need to do at this stage is qualify those buyers. Find out where there is opportunity, make sure you get clean data in for your buyer matches.

RiTA qualifies those new buyers for you because we know you don’t have enough time to call back the hundreds of new people that come through OFI’s.

The most important question RiTA asks in the SMS conversation is “are you a first time buyer, looking to upsize / downsize or buy an investment?”

From the response, you can either have an appraisal opportunity if the person owns a property, or you get an investor lead for your property management team.

4 segments and RiTA’s automated two-way SMS conversations. That’s all you need to engage with all your contacts, nurture those relationships and build trust.

If you are RiTA user, join us in our next product release webinar to learn about the latest enhancements to the conversations. RiTA is constantly getting smarter so don’t miss out!

If you are not using RiTA and would like to get on board, request a demo with our Growth team. We look forward to helping you have more conversations that build trust in your community.