It takes two to have a conversation. When you send a text message to someone, you expect a reply and so does the person who texted back.

SMS marketing enables you to reach people through a more engaging communication channel. Did you know most people read a text message within the first 3 minutes of reception? That’s powerful.

But instead of making your text messages look like one-way, bulk marketing offers i.e. request an appraisal and receive a $50 gift card, make it more conversational. Make it more human.

This takes us to the next level, conversational marketing.

You send a text message and you wait for a reply to continue the conversation. Most platforms allow you to automate the sending of the first SMS. Yet, the rest relies on an agent to read the reply and text back. So, what you create in this scenario is the time saving of one SMS per contact. Multiply that by the number of contacts you are sending the SMS to and you are indeed saving yourself some time.

But look at the bigger picture. How can you effectively create more time savings? Well, you automate the whole conversation, not just the first SMS. That’s where RiTA comes in.

Unlike other text messaging solutions out there, RiTA has two-way SMS conversations with people and doesn’t rely on an agent to be at their desk to read and reply to messages. Thanks to Ai and automation, RiTA’s conversations are hyper-personalised, effective and of course, a time saver.

Check out this example where RiTA, by herself, extracted important buyer information from a contact through a professional, human-like conversation.

So, imagine you are in The Matrix and we ask you: take the red pill and you will unlock the true power of dollar-productive automations through two-way SMS conversations, or take the blue pill and you will remain in the status quo of doing time consuming, manual tasks for the rest of your real estate career. What choice will you make?

Reach out if you want to take the red pill.