Consistency in sales is simple. Consistent sales activities produce consistent sales results. Prospect, follow up, list and sell. Agents who are consistent with their prospecting, follow ups and client servicing have learned to work smarter, not harder, with the help of Ai technology.

More and more employees believe that Ai could support them in up to half of their workload, especially having a more efficient and productive work day. At AiRE, we used to ask agents what tasks they would get a robot to do for them. To no surprise, prospecting came up a lot.

When agents leverage Ai and automate parts of the prospecting process, they immediately experience time savings, better quality phone calls and increased productivity.

RiTA, our Ai-powered lead generation robot, works like a digital assistant. She deeply analyses the quality of the contacts in your database, enhances existing data with third-party market and property data sources, and finds the best people to talk to with the most relevant property discussion topics. Through her call lists, RiTA takes the guesswork out of prospecting as agents know exactly who to call and what to say.

When RiTA combines Ai and automation for you, the game changes. You suddenly put your prospecting on autopilot as RiTA has automated, hyper-personalised, two-way SMS conversations with contacts in your database. She engages with people you might have forgotten or haven’t talked to in more than 90 days and generates seller, buyer and investor leads. If the conversation doesn’t end up as a lead, she cleans your data with updated contact information.

With the consistent activities and hyper-personalised conversations that RiTA helps you with, you only need to follow up the leads that she provides to you and do what you love, list and sell.

Having consistent, valuable conversations with your contacts builds the trusted relationships that you and your property owners, investors and buyers are after.

To discuss how we can help you drive consistency in prospecting, contact us here.