Picking up the phone and starting a conversation with people isn’t an easy job. Amongst all the other jobs to do in a day, it’s easy to run out of time and procrastinate, “I will call these people tomorrow”. But when tomorrow comes, there is still not enough time to make those phone calls.

In this blog post, we give two alternatives to cold calling that will significantly change any agent’s life.

1) Get AiRESourcing to make the calls on your behalf

Share the workload. Delegate. If you can’t call a hundred people, hire someone else to do it for you. You could hire your own personal assistant, but we know that cold calling isn’t for everyone, and the turnover for this type of job is quite high. Or, you could outsource the cold calling to a call centre. There are several options out there including overseas call centres but at AiRE we like to keep it local, which is why we offer AiRESourcing.

AiRESourcing is a team of local, real estate trained telemarketers who work short shifts, therefore are always switched on during their call sessions. They make the phone calls on your behalf and get you in more doors by engaging with your database. Last month, our team of AiRESourcers made over 15,500 calls for our customers. With a connection rate of 42%, a yield of 0.6 appraisals per hour of calling, and about 1 appraisal per 13 connects, the results are consistent which certainly benefit the agents. Basically, agents are only calling the people who want to transact with them now.

2) Use RiTA to qualify leads with SMS conversations

Leverage Ai. Automate the cold calling aspect of your job. You don’t need to pick up the phone to prospect. RiTA is your digital assistant and she can have a hyper-personalised conversation with disengaged contacts in your database. With an estimated open rate of 90%, SMS are a great channel to reach people. The power of RiTA lies in her ability to have 2-way conversations.

RiTA’s SMS conversations are a game changer for agents. RiTA has conversations with a segment of your database on a specific topic (e.g. buyer qualification, appraisal drive). The number of conversations is limited per day (based on the agent’s preference) so that she doesn’t create more work for you. The outcomes can be appraisal leads, investor leads, buyer leads and cleaner data. Last month, RiTA had 15,500 SMS conversations with property owners and buyers on behalf of agents. The overall response rate was at 20-22%, with a much higher rate for buyer campaigns.

More and more agents are switching on RiTA’s SMS conversations and seeing amazing results in lead generation. Check out our Case Studies page for customer testimonials.

When you feel like you’re missing opportunities due to a lack of time, it’s usually a sign that you should be looking for assistance. Why not give one of the two alternatives above a try and see how your seller pipeline grows and how cleaner your data gets?