Real estate businesses rely on relationships. Agents are driven to build relationships – long-term relationships based on trust, with new and existing clients. Interestingly, the relationships that real estate agents seek to have with their clients, they should also seek to have with their proptech providers.

Businesses differentiate themselves with the quality of their products or services, their prices and their customer experience. When products / services and prices are similar, businesses compete on the customer experience and the level of customer service, which impact the customer satisfaction.

Relationships with your clients

As an agent, when you think of your clients, it’s the level of YOUR service and the experience they have with YOU that makes the difference, that’s the reason why they chose you. Your relationships are based on these factors and at AiRE, we understand that completely.

A relationship starts with a conversation. RiTA and AiRESourcing are enablers of valuable conversations in real estate. They help you the agent have meaningful conversations with your clients whilst nurturing your relationships.

Because we assist you with having long-term, engaging relationships with your clients, we, as a business, value the relationships we have with our own customers.

Relationships with your proptech providers

Enabling valuable conversations in real estate is our mission. We take care of our customers by supporting and helping them grow through regular conversations. Our Customer Success team comes from a real estate background so they know the industry as well as your goals and challenges.

At AiRE, we understand you and we want you to succeed which is why the relationship we have with you is different to other providers. The positive feedback we get from customers are a testament that we are doing things right and that our relationships are valuable.

It’s quite easy nowadays to switch between providers but would you rather pick a provider that treats you like everyone else, or a provider that values relationships, helps you achieve your goals and grows with you like a partner?

Talk to us to find out why we’re positively different.