We see common trends amongst successful real estate agents. They all have a morning routine, a clear plan for the week, accountability and are constantly prospecting.

Real estate agents are diligent and know the importance of prospecting and keeping a healthy sales pipeline. However, creating daily prospecting habits can be challenging. At AiRE, we focus on making prospecting and lead generation easier for everyone in real estate. This mission has led to the creation and ongoing development of RiTA.

Today, RiTA is a powerful real estate lead generation tool that helps any agents with prospecting their database. If you start using RiTA frequently, you’ll create game-changing habits that will get you more revenue. Let us explain how.

Your morning starts with an activity report

With RiTA, your morning starts with an activity report sent directly to your inbox. You will be able to track your stats and see your call lists for the day.

As you log in to RiTA, you can start a call list and chat to the best prospects in your database with the most relevant discussion topics that RiTA finds for you, or you can review the list of contacts that are going to receive your automated, hyper-personalised text messages.

It’s also a good time to review your follow-up tasks and contact your new leads.

Your sales pipeline is visualised in a timeline

Your seller timeline gives you a snapshot of who might be coming to market soon and market activities from your agency and competitors.

This visual timeline helps you plan for future, consistent revenue. If you find a gap, you know that’s where you need to focus your efforts.

Your performance is tracked

RiTA helps you track your gains, with reports about your on-the-market position, a breakdown of your activities and how effective you and your team’s prospecting efforts are across the agency.

Remember that keeping yourself accountable and measuring your progress can pave the path for success.

You prospect in a smarter, more effective way

Ride the tech wave and automate repetitive tasks. RiTA starts hyper-personalised conversations with contacts in your database. She nurtures and qualifies leads by having automated yet smooth, human-like conversations with buyers or property owners.

If you value real human relationships more, use our team of lead generators at AiRESourcing. They are real estate trained callers that will prospect on your behalf and qualify leads for you.

Prospecting to disengaged data is taken out of your hands, RiTA and AiRESourcing warm the data for you and pass on the qualified leads they generate.

You follow up at the right time

Because RiTA (and AiRESourcing) does the heavy lifting for you, you’ve now got more time to call the best leads and do that you do best, list and sell!

It can be hard to create a new habit on your own but with the right tools and the drive to succeed, you will be able to implement game-changing habits. Just like Gmail or Outlook became part of our daily lives for sending and receiving messages, RiTA can become part of your daily prospecting habits.