We were early leaders during COVID-19 with advice from our diverse team about how to embrace the crisis as an opportunity to focus on the most under-utilised asset in a real estate business – your data. But once the world got noisy with experts, we thought we’d knuckle down and do what we are best known for – creating practical solutions for agents in the most challenging market for decades. 

A big part of going quiet has been giving our time and our team to our clients to help them get through the first wave of COVID-19. We’ve been using that immersion to build out features for RiTA that will help enable agents in any market with pinpoint prospecting and hyper-personalised automatic responses.

During the ‘quiet’, we did a lot of listening and a lot of observing because AiRE has always been about pursuing proven problems and embracing the front line experience of our agents. We listen before we tell and to do that, you have to be quiet.

“The more you become quiet, the more you hear” – Rumi

Those who we saw emerge from the first lockdown in a strong position were the agents and the organisations who invested in relationships. 

With part of Australia is in the grips of the second wave of COVID-19, and others are bracing for their turn next there are definitely Australian businesses who found a way to thrive during the first round of lockdown who can teach everyone an example about how to use restrictions.

These thriving businesses used the time to engage, inform and nurture their communities at a time when everyone had questions about the impact of the daily news on their personal circumstances – circumstances that are usually anchored by property assets. 

These relationships created activities. Those activities created a pipeline. That pipeline is sustaining those agents during COVID-19 conditions and they are primed for the ‘drag’ of this event with a robust set of engaged clients who know them, like them, and trust them.

We believe good technology is about enabling these quality human connections. Connections build communities: We just organise those communities and then call them a database. RiTA ensures that you are turning cold to gold on the daily…quietly connecting in a hyper-personalised and relevant way that people tend to quietly appreciate and then reward with their business when it comes time to sell.

We’ve being walking that talk, too. It is true that you should always worry when nerds go quiet because it usually means we are up to something magical. And while I can neither confirm or deny what wonders are currently in the AiRE testing lab, I can confirm that our new and improved RiTA is fully live across Rex, Agentbox, MyDesktop, VaultRE and Box and Dice CRMs – and she packs quite a punch!


Here are the top new features in RiTA to fall in love with her even more and to utilise her as a survival companion during these challenging times.

Uncapped Opportunity. You can now create an uncapped number of opportunities and ask RiTA for more lists – on demand. Every agent can now tell RiTA exactly what lists they want, and even on what days.

Enhanced Data Cleansing and Scoring. Each contact now gets a star rating and detailed suggestions on how to improve your data

SMS is now fully integrated.  You can now use RiTA to connect through phone, SMS and email as a hyper-personalised and multi-channel approach to your prospecting.

Appointment setting. Appointments can be created for buyers, sellers, BDMs and finance specialists quickly and easily from in RiTA, with email calendar invites sent directly from RiTA.

If you haven’t met the new RiTA, then it is probably time you did. Like most relationships, someone has to make the make the first move. Take a leap and we’ll respond 😉