HACK ~ n – informal – a strategy or technique for managing one’s time or activities more efficiently.

Struggling with your new year resolutions? That’s probably because when we adopt new behaviours, our brain sees the change as a threat and tries to force us back into scenarios that are more familiar.

Familiar won’t get you to your goals in 2020, so we have distilled the best three change management hacks to get you on – or back on – track for 2020.


Dr. Tara Swart from MIT (author of The Source: The Secrets of The Universe, the Science of the Brain) says that motivation is not about providing external forces like money or other rewards for changing, but has more to do with how the pathways in our brain adapt to new scenarios – like going to the gym or prospecting more regularly. What works, according to Swart:

Imagining the change in your mind trains your brain to become familiar with the new situation. Where possible find an image (not words) that give your imagination a cue to kick into gear. Swart says images work better than words because our brains have been hard-wired to process visual cues, reading is a relatively new human experience. If reaching out to your clients more often and creating a prospecting habit or culture is on your 2020 list, you could put an image like this on the home screen of your phone.

The devil is in the detail rings true for brain hacking, too. If you are too vague with what you want to achieve, then you can’t create the scenario in enough detail to achieve it. So instead of saying “I want to prospect more,” you should say “On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings I will engage in a non-negotiable 30-minute phone session”. That way you can schedule the time and show up. You’ll know if you are or are not achieving that goal, too.

Let API not KPI be your mantra for prospecting in 2020. Actions cause results, so it follows that the only way to achieve more results is to do more of the actions that cause them. Focus every opportunity for client engagement on building the type of relationship that will win you the business. A win is where you have moved to a stronger relationship, and you will be the right agent at the right time when the moment of inspiration comes for that person to transact. A relationship management approach means that every phone call can be a win and that will keep you motivated for the months ahead.


The notion of keeping yourself accountable means that there are precious few immediate consequences when you breach. Accountability is also not a particularly joyful word – I mean, life lived as a Rocky film is difficult for most people to sustain. A more positive approach is to connect to a community of people who are moving towards the same goals. It creates a type of positive, social accountability that has a meteoric impact on performance, motivation and output.

Check out an example of what that looks like at an O’Brien Real Estate Prospecting Session, Powered by RiTA.


Momentum is needed to get you started before motivation can take over and keep you going. Like a car engine that sometimes needs a jump start – your habits need a charge up too. Quite often agents head to training for motivation, but they leave with a long list of things to implement. While they may feel motivated, without momentum, motivation quickly disappears. Understanding this…we’ve put together a momentum supercharger, exclusively for RiTA users, and we call it The Work Shop.

No hype or smoke machines, this is real estate in real time. Tom Panos will give you the scripts, dialogue and motivation you need to attack your prospecting, then RiTA will connect you with the best people and you’ll do that work, with the AiREforce and Tom standing by to help. You’ll leave with success and the momentum to repeat your success the next day.

The Work Shop Ft Tom Panos, Powered by RiTA hits up Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne in Late Feb/Early March 2020. Dates, states and details available at: https://www.getaire.com.au/the-work-shop/