Everyone talks about Uber as though they are good at running a transportation business. The truth is, that since it was founded in 2009, Uber has lost money – every year. A. Lot. Of. Money.

Which begs the question, why has Uber been able to source the $11 billion dollars of venture capital funding (and re-investment)? The answer is: DATA. It’s as simple and as difficult as that.

You see what Uber (and its investors know,) is that the data of how people move around cities is more valuable than the potential of disrupting the taxi industry. 50% of Qantas’ value is in their Frequent Flyer programme.  Facebook is a $500B company – data is its primary asset.

The real estate industry has access to some of the most valuable data in Australia – especially given that the property industry is the largest gross contributor to the GDP in the Australian economy (around $200B each year).

Yet most of the data in the industry is spread across small and medium businesses, who do not have a strategy on how to grow, manage and monetise their data.

With companies like Uber, Qantas, and Facebook making a profit off the back of your personal data – is there any reason that you don’t want that kind of help to turn your data into customers?

Most agencies have more data than they know what to do with.  Rita can help.

Rita uses advanced analytics and big data techniques to help you get more out of your data.  Not only can she tell you who to call and what to say, but she can even use 3rd party data to augment and surface opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

How? Well because Rita is an Ai powered platform, she has the ability to read and understand as well as analyse vast quantities of data. Then based on algorithms developed at Aire and specifically designed for the real estate industry in Australia and New Zealand – Rita can let you know what the next best thing to do is when it comes to chasing opportunity.

Want to find out how Rita can help you make the most of your data? Meet Rita at getaire.com.au