Every day, there are thousands of leads coming to agent’s inboxes across Australia. Within those leads are the contact details of prospective home buyers and tenants. Now if you’re doing the basics, those contacts should be getting added to your CRM and you are qualifying them for other opportunities such as whether they need to sell before they buy or whether they own properties which require management services.

Inevitably, you’ll have hundreds, if not thousands of contacts in your CRM that were collected over the years and the information relating to those people is now largely redundant. If they were a buyer, they have likely bought by now.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew whether your old contacts have now become local property owners?

With Aire’s data augmentation service, we can do that all for you. All you need to do is send us an excel spreadsheet (or csv) containing basic contact information such as name, email and phone number and we will send back a cleansed data set and identify which contacts are now property owners.

It takes just 24 hours and we will send back your list with details on any property ownership search results as well as flagging the ones that we think are most likely to be a local property owner.

What Results Should You Expect?

It depends on the source and the age of the contact data.  For contacts gathered during the buying process, we identify 10-15% as local property owners.

For contacts gathered during a tenanting process, we identify 2-4% as local property owners.

Why Should I Do This?

  1. Most buyers become owners at some point.  Unfortunately, unless they buy a property from you, you generally don’t get this information.
  2. Old, redundant data can cost you money.  You could still be sending marketing collateral to people that have long since moved on and sold.
  3. Sometimes, the hardest part of prospecting is creating a call-list.  This is a great tool for keeping it simple when it comes to who to connect with.  Not only that, but it avoids cold-calling.  These are contacts already in your CRM who have connected with you who now own property!

What Will You Do With My Data?

Nothing.  Your data is your data.  We receive it, we process it, we deliver it back to you and then delete it from our servers.

How Much Is It?

We charge $50 for the first 100 contacts and then $10+GST per 100 contacts.  Eg. 1,000 contacts = $140+GST.

How Do I Get Started?

Easy, just send us your list at contact@  We’ll assess the data for duplicates and any poor quality records prior to giving you a finalised quote.