“Hi, I’m Ian Campbell and I am the CEO of Aire. Also known as Rita’s Dad.”

“Hi, I’m Sarah Bell. I’m Rita’s Mum. Ian and I aren’t married – we just have a robot together. It’s very modern but that is, I guess, the theme of artificial intelligence.

We are here celebrating Rita’s first birthday at her party at Dalgety Public House in Newstead. We are excited to share this important milestone with clients and friends who are really finding that Rita is helping them to shift the needle on their relationship marketing.”

“Our industry has a massive challenge ahead of them. We have enormous amounts of data that we need to turn into real relationships.

We estimate that there is something like over 300 million contact records in the collective CRMs of our industry.

And unfortunately, we are meeting thousands of people on any given Saturday at our open homes and often that relationship doesn’t advance much deeper than an automated email from that point onward.”

“The battlefield that presents itself as an opportunity for real estate agents is actually in relationships and customer service.”

“Rita’s goal is to help agents serve their community – better.”

“So, what we are encouraging real estate agents to do is to get back on the phone and drop the bulk email ‘campaigns of many’ and start having ‘campaigns of one’.

One of the things that Rita can do with her artificial intelligence is understanding who the best people for you to connect within your marketplace today are, and simply give you a list of those people to call.”

“We just need to pick up the phone more. We need to build relationships one-to-one. And that is what Rita is about. Rita is about using data and prioritising the industry’s data to make sure that we are connecting with the right people at the right time.

Every day, she delivers a list of people to talk to and even suggests things that they could talk about.”

“The last thing real estate agents need is more ‘technology’. You know everyone has password fatigue, login fatigue, and I think what Rita is, is she feels more like an assistant and someone you work with.

She is actually able to produce work outcomes and take up some of the administrative burdens that real estate agents have so that they can do more, with less.”