Plug RiTA into ReNet to drive more revenue

Generate More Leads & Appraisals

RiTA connects to ReNet and enhances your data with property data, market data and new leads. She then generates consistent leads from your database with her artificial intelligence magic.

Engage Across Multiple Channels

Unlike other platforms, RiTA isn’t limited to one channel. She starts conversations with people via SMS and email, and provides call lists and discussion topics for you to action.

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The smarter way to prospect. Better & faster.

Enhance your CRM data with third-party data and Ai

RiTA combines your data in ReNet with various data sources such as, Domain, Pricefinder and Zango. By applying Ai to the mix, you get an instantly cleaner, more useable database to start generating leads from.

Segment your database for better targeting

Analyse your database with advanced filters and create specific campaigns for each segment. RiTA can target your whole database by contact details, property ownerships, topics and more.

Prospect across multiple channels

The beauty of RiTA is that she lets you communicate with your contacts via SMS, email or phone so you don’t have to be reliant on one contact detail and restricted to one channel. Pretty handy, right?

Automate hyper-personalised communications that work

Automated conversations are powerful and a great option to engage with your database with minimal effort. RiTA sends hyper-personalised emails, has 2-way SMS conversations and brings you the best prospects on a platter. Call the best and automate the rest!

Agents who use RiTA and ReNet are getting more leads and appraisals. At scale & on autopilot.

Morris Short
Broker & Owner, RE/MAX Xtra

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