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Data in your CRM can get messy, complicated… That’s why we made RITA – your digital employee powered by artificial intelligence.

Start connecting with the best prospects in your CRM.

To get the data she needs to find opportunities in your database, RiTA needs access to a modern CRM with an API. We currently integrate with Rex, MyDesktop, Agentbox, VaultRE and Box and Dice.

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Meet some of the real estate businesses like yours that are experiencing incredible results after employing RiTA


“RiTA removes the question of who to call and when to call. You’re able to just get going.”

Candice Hill

Sales Associate, O’Brien Real Estate


“RiTA’s powerful AI capabilities has allowed our sales team to focus in the areas they need to focus.”

Megan Jaffe

Principal & Owner, Ray White Remuera


“RiTA is generating a list for the salespeople to call on a daily basis so they can be ringing the right people.”

Justin Watt

Director & Founder, Watt Realty

How Can RiTA Help?

Data Cleaning and Scoring

On my first day, I’ll analyse everyone in your CRM, giving each contact a star rating based on your relationship history and their data quality, so you can access the strongest opportunities every day.

Connecting Data Sources.

I combine data from your agency and the marketplace to create great conversations between you and your customers. As we work together I will keep an eye on the market, looking at every new listing or sale, finding the relevant opportunities for you and your agency to connect with, every day.

Analytics and Accountability.

I’ll help you track your gains, with reports about your on-the-market position, a breakdown of our activities together and how effective you and your team’s prospecting efforts are across your agency.

Powerful Lists = Powerful Results.

Need help finding the best people to talk to today? I’ll make lists of the absolute best contacts for you to talk to, and I’ll even find you something to talk about so you’ll never be stuck for words. 

You can call, SMS or email them, and I’ll put the notes in your CRM, so there is no double handling.

If the call leads to an opportunity we can set up a meeting, or hand them over for other people in your team to follow up – all with without skipping a beat.

A Visual Timeline

Tell me when your contacts might be selling and I’ll keep track of them in a visual timeline for you. You’ll be able to see who might be coming to market soon. Plus I’ll watch the market for you and let you know if anything is listed, sold, or shows up for rent. 

Each day I’ll let you know about market activity relevant to your timeline sellers that you might want to talk about. We won’t let anyone slip through the cracks.


With my help, pretty soon you are going to be booked back to back with inspections and appraisals, so why not have me send personalised responses to buyer enquiries you get.

I’ll respond to any questions they have, qualify the lead and add them to your database.

Call Sessions.

For those of us with a competitive streak, I can help out by hosting dedicated call sessions each week with your team.

I’ll feed in the best people to talk to today, while you and your team get to work building a culture of incredible prospecting.

Meet Agents Like You Who Are Using RiTA

Catch up with some of Rita’s employers around Australia and New Zealand.

Click the location hotspots below to see read the case studies.

Watt Realty Watt Realty was Rita’s first job. Their initial goal for Rita was to free up an existing sales admin resource from having to manage all of the agency’s enquiries. Read more…
BresicWhitney BresicWhitney are a leading lifestyle property group in inner-Sydney, and in 2018 embarked on a data consolidation project to deliver a single customer view across all facets of their business. Read more…
LJ Hooker City Residential LJ Hooker City Residential Perth came on board as early adopters of Rita. As well as utilising all of Rita’s existing services for sales agents, leasing and BDMs; we set about to explore what Rita could do for property managers. Read more…
Australia and NZ Lost Opportunities When visibility meets strategy. Rita can help you find the silver lining in competitor listings for sales and rentals. This is a case study of lost opportunities from a medium-sized regional real estate business in Australia and a small metropolitan agency in New Zealand. Read more…

Are you RiTA Ready?

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To get the data she needs to find opportunities in your database, RiTA needs access to a modern CRM with an API. We currently integrate with Rex, MyDesktop, Agentbox, VaultRE and Box and Dice. 

If you’re not sure, say hello and we’ll be in touch to see if you’re ready to have RiTA in your business.

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