RiTA Case Study

Watt Realty, Brisbane

Watt Realty was one of RiTA’s first employers. Their initial goal for RiTA was to free up an existing sales admin resource from having to manage all of the agency’s enquiries.

After documenting the business process, we could configure RiTA. to do all of the steps, plus more, that the existing employee was spending up to 4 hours per day.

Not only did it free up a significant human resource, but it also meant that the overall customer experience is now better for every enquiry that comes through their door.

With the consistency that robots can provide, the customer experience is also enhanced by faster response times, no enquiry missed, and a more thorough and informative response.

The time-saving for agents at the point of first receiver for enquiry means that the agent’s time can be redeployed to more personal aspects of buyer work, vendor management and prospecting.

Since RiTA started working for Watt, she has been promoted several times. She now also works for the Rental Team to handle their initial responses for rental enquiries; and both the sales team, BDM and lead generation teams use RiTA to deliver daily prospecting opportunities and drive their overall prospecting strategy.

“RiTA is a time saver and a money maker. The time we save can now be spent on being face to face with our community, which is where they want us to be,” says Justin Watt, Director.

REB’s 2018 Office Administrator if the Year, Meg Debreceny of Watt Realty has been working with RiTA since August 2017.

“RiTA has saved me hours every day. She is also customised to our business so that the service she delivers is true to our brand and what we’re trying to achieve.”

RiTA’s first day at Watt Realty, Aspley

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