RiTA Case Study

Smith Partners Real Estate, South Australia

Smith Partners Real Estate has been operating since 2013 in South Australia when husband and wife team Ryan & Corina Smith started their own real estate business. Today, the Smith Partners team continues to expand, with a second office and staff specialising in sales, property management, client services, information technology and marketing.

Having an Ai robot prospect on autopilot

“Using RiTA and her SMS automations in our business was a no brainer for us.”

Two months after adding RiTA to the team, General Manager Corina Smith has experienced positive results with additional appraisals, property reports and listings generated from the platform. She also uses RiTA to find people who are possibly landlords in her database through automated two-way SMS conversations.

With RiTA’s SMS automations, Corina finds the people that need to be called a lot warmer since they have had that first communication with RiTA.

“Some salespeople who have years of experience are still hesitant to call someone out of the blue. RiTA’s automated SMS conversations are a bonus here because she warms up the contact so the call is much easier to make.”

“It’s lovely to have all that data but you’ve got to use it. RiTA helps you use it.”

Corina Smith
General Manager, Smith Partners Real Estate

Becoming more data focused

When the Smiths had RiTA integrate with their CRM and analyse their database, they had 28,000 contacts out of which 3,500 were dirty data i.e. contacts that couldn’t be called, emailed or both. This was an eye opening experience which led to Corina becoming very data focused. She went on a mission to clean as much data as possible with the help of RiTA.

Corina worked on different segments of the database to clean as much dirty data as possible. Sometimes it was a number that was mistyped or owners that no longer lived in that address, other times there was nothing she could do to improve the data. In that case, she decided to throw away the dirty data.

“You worked so hard to get that data but the rule of common database management is crap in, crap out. If you put good stuff in your database, you get good stuff out of it.”

The analytics feature in RiTA enabled Corina to improve the overall quality of their data. She used the CRM to do the searching on who she can work on but RiTA was the one to tell her exactly how many people she still had outstanding. Corina checked the progress in RiTA daily until the number of dirty data went down.

Winning with automated, two-way SMS conversations

Every agent in the Smith Partners Real Estate office uses RiTA’s owner nurturing SMS automations. Out of 20 SMS sent every day, they usually get 5 positive answers back.

One team uses buyer response automations once a week to qualify buyers and find potential sellers and investors.

The good thing about RiTA is that she can be tailored to each agent’s needs. For a busy agent, RiTA only sends automated SMS once a week so that agents can manage the replies and follow ups. For other agents, she sends the SMS three times a week.

For Corina, RiTA is a great investment because she makes contact with people that might not have been spoken to for a while. RiTA prompts agents to pick up the phone to follow up things when people have shown an interest. She takes a lot of the prospecting work out of it for them.

Knowing which listing opportunities you’ve lost

Sample data

Corina really enjoys receiving the weekly win/loss report that tells her who in her database listed with a competitor.

“Sometimes you don’t know you’ve lost a listing until you see it online. As a manager, it’s really good information and I can follow up with my team to see if there are any learning opportunities, could they have done something different, did they even know that they’ve lost a listing, etc.”

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