RiTA & AiRESourcing Case Study

Shannon Harvey, Place Bulimba

If I had three things that I needed in my business, RiTA would definitely be one of them. I think any product that can help you spend more time face-to-face with the client is a great product.

Shannon Harvey
Lead Agent
Place Bulimba
REIQ Residential Salesperson of the Year 2021

The Problem

When things get busier, the first thing that falls down is prospecting.

Shannon wanted a solution that helped keep her business consistent, allowing her to meet with clients face-to-face and knowing new opportunities were being generated.

The Solution

RiTA’s automated two-way SMS conversations. 

Delivering amazing service consistently relies on the agent being available for clients. Shannon employed digital assistant RiTA to help her manage the prospecting side of her job.

Leveraging AiRE’s Ai and automation solutions, Shannon sets up how often and who RiTA should talk to via SMS. The lead generation process is automated and the conversation with contacts in the database pans out on autopilot. The result: some leads generated by RiTA converted into sales.

The 2021 REIQ Residential Salesperson of the Year also spends time and effort cleaning up her database in order to maximise RiTA’s capabilities.

Flexible telemarketing / concierge service with AiRESourcing. 

While RiTA prospects via SMS on autopilot, Shannon uses AiRESourcing to do the follow-up phone calls to further qualify serious prospects.

AiRESourcing is a team of local, real estate trained telemarketers that generate and qualify leads on behalf of agents. As a busy agent, Shannon has the flexibility to purchase more concierge shifts if she needs more support or reduce the hours when her team can manage the volume of leads.

Why RiTA

RiTA engages with contacts in the database on autopilot and at scale. Through hyper-personalised, two-way SMS conversations, she generates new leads and maximises the profitability of one’s database.

Why AiRESourcing

AiRESourcing’s telemarketing / concierge service ensures agents are belly-to-belly with serious prospects who want to transact. Real estate trained and based in Australia, the professionalism and qualify of calls from the AiRESourcing team is recognised by AiRE customers.

AiRESourcing is really flexible, which I love. I just know that I’ve got that consistent prospecting happening all the time which is key to real estate.

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