RiTA Case Study

Ray White, Bayswater

Peter Munt from Ray White Bayswater is an established and busy Principal who is also listing and selling properties. Like may agency owners, Peter has responsibilities stretched between the business, a rent roll owner,  a sales team leader, and the clients and customers of his own sales practice.

RiTA gives Peter insights into the CRM including how regularly he and other agents are making personalised connections with property owners and how that impacts upon the win-loss ratio of opportunities to list in the marketplace.

“In managing my own sales and listings, Rita helps me to manage the relationships I have with property owners and potential vendors saving me time and effort by making it easy to stay in touch.”

Agents in Peter’s business receive daily suggestions of who to call and a purpose for those phone connections. Rita is also able to delegate work between agents and their assistants which removes the need for granular management of the tactical day-to-day tasks within teams.

“I can track my own performance and measure how the team are going – ensuring that their notes and relationships are easily and properly recorded in the CRM.”

As a leader, RiTA assists Peter with reporting on the execution of those lead generation opportunities. In her first month on the job, RiTA’s assistance resulted in agents connecting with almost 400 property owners and 24 appraisal opportunities were created from those engagements.

“Our business is putting together detailed records of the relationships that our data represents and it is easier to manage with that all in one place, with RiTA tying it all together.” – Peter Munt, Ray White Bayswater Principal

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