RiTA Case Study

PRD Ballarat

Most directors and agents want things delivered in a simple manner and that’s what RiTA does. It gives it to you in a simple manner but gives you really powerful results.

Jason Birch
Sales Manager & Director
PRD Ballarat

The Problem

The PRD Ballarat office is a high volume agent. The team needs to make high volume of calls, contact a lot of people and book a lot of appraisals. The problem was that agents didn’t know who to call and what to say, which led to procrastination.

The Solution

Leverage RiTA’s Ai magic to find the best people in the database to call and the most relevant topics to discuss. 

By enhancing their CRM data with third-party data from realestate.com.au, Domain, Pricefinder and Zango, RiTA gave each agent a daily list of the best people to call with the most relevant discussion topics.

With RiTA, the agents at PRD Ballarat knew who to call and the reason behind the call. Every group call sessions that they did, they were able to generate appraisals.

As the Sales Manager and Director, Jason had access to his database analytics as well as activities reports. He was able to see how many listings his company and competitors had done from contacts that were in his database.

Why RiTA

RiTA takes the guesswork out of who to call and what to say. She rescues people that PRD Ballarat haven’t spoken to in more than 30 days by serving them to agents in the most effective call lists.

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