RiTA Case Study

McGrath Parramatta & Blacktown

The very first RiTA call session we made to orphan data, we picked up a listing off the back of that. That was back in October 2020, we sold it in February 2021 for $1,480,000 at 2% commission plus marketing. So for $600 a month, that yielded a $30,000 return. How many more of those are sitting in people’s databases that they just simply have forgotten to call?

Kon Stathopoulos
McGrath Parramatta & Blacktown

The Problem

Kon was looking to make something that seemed to be very complex for most sales agents i.e. prospecting, very simple by giving his agents a platform that basically took the thinking out of having to make a call and the reason behind that call.

The Solution

Rolling out RiTA to help with prospecting calls. 

Powered by Ai, RiTA connects to the CRM and serves the best people to talk to with recommended discussion topics in the form of call lists to agents. She takes the guesswork out of who to call and what to say so agents can hit the ground running as soon as they log into RiTA.

Since engaging RiTA, Kon saw an uplift in the cleansing of his data, the number of market appraisals that his staff are attending each week and more importantly that have actually transferred into listings and new managements.

Turning on RiTA’s automated SMS conversations. 

RiTA has two-way SMS conversations on autopilot with contacts in the database. Each day, she sends 10 to 20 SMS and goes through a series of qualifying questions.

The first automated SMS conversation that Kon ran was for buyers and he uncovered a seller simply by having RiTA asks the question “do you need to sell before buying?”

Why RiTA

RiTA makes it easy for agents to pick up the phone. She serves them the best people to call with recommended topics to talk about, and generates and nurtures leads by having two-way SMS conversations on autopilot.

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