RiTA Case Study

Harris Real Estate

I love RiTA because she sorts out who you need to call and when you need to call them, and she produces more listings because you’re calling the right people at the right time.

Daniel Oliver
Property Consultant
Harris Real Estate
#12 in REB Top 50 Sales Offices 2022

The Problem

Questions like “where do I start? Who should I call? And what do I say?” are common for agents who want to prospect. This was a problem that Property Consultant Daniel Oliver experienced before. He used to call people in his database randomly, hoping someone would be interested in an appraisal. He knew his time and energy spent doing these random calls were not generating the best outcomes.

Furthermore, Daniel used to set up a heap of tasks in his CRM, which over time, became overwhelming and caused task anxiety as each morning he would have over 70 calls to make and was rushing through them.

The Solution

RiTA creates super smart call lists for you. 

Straight off the back of having RiTA, Daniel became more productive with his phone calls. As an Ai-powered digital assistant, RiTA produces hyper relevant call lists based on multiple data sources (REA, Domain, CoreLogic, etc…) and finds the best people to call, who would be more inclined to have a real estate discussion. In RiTA’s call lists, agents get validated data and recommended discussion topics, helping them have better, valuable conversations with their contacts.

Daniel has now confidence that he is calling the right people at the right time, and the conversations he has are more positive. He has got rid of the tasks in his CRM and only calls through what RiTA identifies as potential vendors.

RiTA prospects via two-way SMS conversations. 

When human agents have an Ai robot working and prospecting for them, the volume of leads increases drastically. Daniel lets RiTA have hyper-personalised, two-way SMS conversations with segments of his data on autopilot, generating new leads for him while he focuses on listing and selling with current clients.

Why RiTA

RiTA is your Ai digital assistant. She creates hyper relevant call lists, enabling you to talk to the right people at the right time with the right topics, and prospects via two-way SMS conversations, allowing you to focus on servicing your current clients.

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