RiTA Case Study

Harcourts Solutions Group

On top of what we already did, RiTA produced 47 seller leads, 5 investor leads, 46 people open to market reports and 94 people that are willing to sell in the next 6 to 12 months, which was absolute gold.

Brendan Whipps
Group Director
Harcourts Solutions Group

The Problem

Harcourts Solutions Group had less than 10% of their property owners identified and contacted within the last 12 months in their database. The team was not engaging with their contacts and losing opportunities.

The Solution

RiTA engages with property owners and orphan data through automated, hyper-personalised SMS conversations. 

With RiTA starting property conversations with disengaged contacts in the Harcourts Solutions’ database, the company saw an increase in their run rate of appraisals.

For 30 days, Brendan had RiTA target their orphan data and out of that, she generated 29 appraisal leads and 21 investor leads.

Some agents use AiRESourcing to pre-qualify leads and save time. 

AiRESourcing is a team of local, real estate trained lead generators that make phone calls on behalf of agents. By having AiRESourcing pre-qualify leads, agents are saving time and only talking to serious sellers, buyers and investors whilst servicing all clients and promoting their brand.

Why RiTA & AiRESourcing

Be more productive. RiTA and AiRESourcing do the jobs that you would love to do but don’t have time to do. RiTA engages with your disengaged contacts by having hyper-personalised, two-way SMS conversations on autopilot while AiRESourcing promotes your brand and nurture your relationships. The results are more client engagement which leads to new opportunities, and better data quality.

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