RiTA Case Study

Harcourts Real Estate Dapto

We’ve probably doubled our appraisals if you looked at this time last year with RiTA’s SMS automations. There’s been some really good traction on that.

Michael Garside
Principal & Business Owner
Harcourts Real Estate Dapto

The Problem

Harcourts Real Estate in Dapto wanted more relevant conversations with the contacts they had in their database. They were running a lot of task-based calls which Michael knew could be improved.

The Solution

RiTA produces hyper-relevant call lists for the agents, making it easier to have better conversations.

Michael gave his team the right tool to have more relevant conversations with the contacts in their database by replacing task-based calls with targeted, personalised calls.

He got RiTA to take the guesswork out of who to call and what to say.

RiTA finds more leads from their database on autopilot with two-way SMS conversations.

With RiTA’s automated two-way SMS conversations, Michael and his team are getting more potential seller leads without having to make heaps of phone calls.

The SMS conversations are hyper-personalised and sent to a selected number of people each day.

Why RiTA

RiTA plugs into your CRM and enhance your data with third-party data and Ai. Everything is synchronised with the CRM so there is no double handling. She is just like another staff member that helps other agents prospect in a smarter way with the call lists and generate more leads from the automated two-way SMS conversations.

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