RiTA & AiRESourcing Case Study

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Caloundra

Just in the last 2 weeks, we listed 2 properties from the automation, so that was really exciting. That was a really good return on investment.

Danelle Wiseman
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Caloundra

The Problem

With a fairly large database, Danelle knew she was missing out on opportunities and her agents were not prospecting efficiently. They had a lot of paperwork associated with administrative processes and a lot of their contacts were not being contacted.

The Solution

Adding RiTA to the team. 

RiTA helps Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Caloundra improve their pipeline and administration processes and plays a big part in their year on year growth.

RiTA’s automated, two-way SMS conversations are a huge time saver as only one person in the office reviews the SMS before they go out. The rest is done automatically. The buyer nurturing SMS campaign helps them keep their data clean and buyer matches on point. The appraisal drive SMS campaign engages with contacts that haven’t been spoken to for 12 months and generates new appraisal leads for the team.

Hiring AiRESourcing for consistent prospecting. 

AiRESourcing gives Danelle and her agents a consistency in prospecting that is otherwise difficult to manage. It stops that ebb and flow that happens naturally with most real estate businesses.

Why RiTA

RiTA improves your pipeline and administration processes and helps you engage with all your contacts on a hyper-personalised level and at scale. She prospects on your behalf and generate new leads so you don’t lose opportunities to your competitors.

Why AiRESourcing

AiRESourcing is a local, real estate trained team of prospectors that doesn’t get distracted and consistently does the calls. You don’t need to worry about training a new staff in your office or managing call shifts, AiRESourcing has you covered.

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