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The sheer volume of data available to real estate agents presents both possibilities and obstacles. The power of artificial intelligence can help you turn that data into opportunity.

Our approach at Aire is one of ‘collective intelligence’; connecting real estate agents and artificial intelligence so that they can be more intelligent, together.

At Aire, it isn’t just a matter of creating artificial intelligence for real estate agents to use.

We help create smarter agents and agencies, then connecting them to powerful machine intelligence through our powerful Digital Employee platform, Rita.

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Here is how RITA can help you

Smarter Data

Most agencies have more data than they know what to do with. Rita uses advanced analytics and big data techniques to help you get more out of your data. Not only can she tell you who to call and what to say, but she can even use 3rd party data to augment and surface opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

Drive Efficiencies

Rita can automate nearly any business process – even across systems using event driven automation and API integrations. From sending an initial response to your buyers and tenants, to monitoring your market for lost opportunities. Rita has a range of services that help free up your human resource to deliver face-to-face value.

Better Service

There is a lot of speculation about the future of the real estate industry, but one thing’s for sure, you will need to improve service levels while ensuring your fixed overheads don’t get out of control. Rita can support your team to provide that “extra mile” of customer service to put you ahead of your competition.

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Rita sees every discrete unit of work as an opportunity to optimise the agent.

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The future of the robot workforce and the best blend of AI is where it is teamed up with a human. The most successful combination is neither human nor machine, it’s generally a combination of both to produce the best outcome.

Aire Celebrates Ai-Powered Robot’s First Birthdayvia

"When we think about artificial intelligence (AI) and the rise of bots, it can be difficult to frame exactly how this stuff of science fiction could be relevant to a local real estate business. If we humanise it and start to think of AI technology as an extra person in our business, then we start to gain a concept of what a digital assistant might be."

Elite Agentvia

There are some tasks in real estate that are mind numbingly boring, excruciatingly detail driven and inconsistent in how often and frequently they need to be done. Rita from AIRE is a virtual employee who can be programed to do the tasks listed above that humans do pretty poorly.


Automation and robots are really a problem solver for taking the stuff we do today and being able to scale up or down to match whatever capacity is needed...In the example of Rita preparing a call list for an agent, it is really an example of the stuff we are not doing today….or not doing very consistently or often.


Artificial intelligence and robots like Rita aren’t about replacing agents. The goal is to reduce the time agents spend in front of screens and instead empower them with the insight to build deeper relationships with buyers and sellers.


I think every agency knows that they’ve got data that they don’t use properly...Productivity is a mix of efficiency and output. So when you think about how Rita’s helping … what she does by telling you who to talk to and what to say every day, she takes away all the inefficiency, all the pre- and post-admin that goes along with an effective prospecting strategy.

Real Estate Dynamicsvia

What we think is that once you get to that point, when a human real estate agent is genericized because everyone’s got access to the same tools, you run the risk of being commoditized, and when you can’t tell the difference between one agent and another, you start losing the battle for relevance. What I think will safeguard and maintain real estate agents is where they can provide personal customer service to people willing to pay for it at scale, and that’s where AI can help.

Inman Newsvia

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Love is in the AIRE

Agents are in love with Rita and they don’t care who knows it

Patrick BerryDirector, 4one4 Agency Tasmania

“RITA recommended I contact a database entry who we have not worked with since 2010, so I made the call and it resulted in kerbside appraisals of 6 investment properties that will need to be sold in the near future...the same owner also having a 30 lot subdivision that he is currently trying to get through council that he is happy to explore further with us!
Fingers crossed with RITA's help over the next 6-12 months we can build enough rapport to close the deal on all 36 opportunities.”

Justin WattCEO, Watt Realty Queensland

“Rita is a time saver and a money maker. The time we save can now be spent on being face to face with our community, which is where they want us to be.”

Mark SnelsonCEO, Ray White Ellenbrook, Western Australia

“All agents know that the first priority is to make calls to the database, but it is the last thing to be done if at all. That is why Rita is such a fantastic innovation. The calls are prioritised and broken down into a manageable daily routine that is easy to follow. Then the results follow, in three months my listings have dramatically increased. Sarah is always available to answer questions and was fantastic at guiding the office through the initial set up. She is down to earth and being from a real estate background, she really understands the industry. I highly recommend Rita to any agent that is serious about this business.”

Trevor TippettSalesperson, Ray White Mackay, Queensland

“We have used Rita in our business and in only a short time, there has been a dramatic change in how we work and for the better. Rita helps us stay in touch, without having to put notes in the CRM and we are going into listing unopposed because we have regular contact with the right people. In the past 5 months, I believe there are about 40 listings that I can directly attribute to Rita's suggestions.”

Tamara LeeSalesperson, Ray White Ashgrove, Queensland

“I introduced RITA into my business while she was still in a testing stage, she was awesome but also challenging. I had a belief that my database was one of the best in the industry, oh that was until she came along...RITA finds contacts you've overlooked, uncared for, or ignored and she then finds different ways for you to reconnect and rebuild that relationship. Since working alongside RITA I have achieved two BIG goals! I have grown GCI and improved my relationships with prospects. What I love, she listens to me. The team behind her are creative, open to implementing my suggestions, she's there everyday keeping me on track. I'm proud to be her fairy godmother.”

Rebecca HaltonCEO, LJ Hooker City Residential, Perth

“Rita gives our sales team purpose every morning and as a business we are providing quality leads to our sales team and BDMs each and every day. By helping us to track our lost opportunities and market place, we can plan for the future. Rita has become our number one recruitment tool and our team love working with her. We have also enjoyed working with Aire on their pilot programs for Rita, exploring what might be possible with Ai and property management. Over the past 12 months, Rita has become the first receiver of all maintenance requests and has cut down time to action. We have also introduced a world first Rita assisted Tenancy Application Process. This has cut our turnaround time from 48 hours to 4 hours. We are excited about her future in our business!”

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