A Plain English
Data Guarantee

We Don’t Mix Your Data With Competitors

All of your data is clearly stored as belonging to you. All of our algorithms use your data, and your data alone.

We Don’t Store Your Login Credentials

Your CRM login is entered directly to connect RiTA to it, and this is done before she completes her first analysis. RiTA doesn’t store the credentials you provide for her to access the CRM, so she can’t share them with anyone or any other application — ever.

No One Can Export Your Data in Bulk

RiTA only displays details about contacts in very limited numbers — for example, in her daily list of suggestions to your agents. You can’t export entire data sets from anywhere in our solution.

We Don’t Use Passwords

In order to access the RiTA interface, we use an enhanced security feature known as passwordless login. Users enter their email address and we send a single-use access link that expires after a limited amount of time. The rise of password theft (commonly called ‘Phishing’) means that passwords are generally the weakest point in your data’s security.

We Will Never Sell Your Data

We have nothing to gain by breaching our customer’s trust. In fact, we have everything to lose. Generally speaking, strict privacy regulations would prevent us from doing this anyway, but regardless, we recognise that this would detract from our core goal. We want to help you build real value in your data — and we believe that value is yours, and yours alone, to capitalise on.