Engaging with clients has never been easier. AiRESourcing is a team of local, real estate trained human operators and telemarketers that prospect via RiTA on your behalf using both phone and SMS channels, so that you can focus on listing and selling.

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No time to call or don’t want to call? Let us handle it for you.

AiRESourcing frees you up to do the things you do best. List and sell.

We get you in more doors

Our highly trained AiRESourcers build your seller timeline while warming your client database. We’ll get you inside more homes.

We turn a negative into a positive

Sick of rejection? We thrive on it! Our AiRESourcers work short shifts, so they are always enthusiastic and energetic.

Only deal with the best people

Only talk to people who are looking to transact now. We’ll get you face to face with your clients so you can do what you do best.

Improve your work/life balance

Real estate is as much about lifestyle as it is about a career. We’ll free up your time so you get to enjoy the balanced lifestyle you deserve.

We sell you and your achievements

Don’t feel like bragging? We’ll get the love out. Got a new listing or recent sale? We’ll tell the world so everyone hears your good news!

Services our customers love.

Data prioritisation

With the help of RiTA’s Ai algorithms, we find the best contacts in your database and your core suburbs.

Live campaign monitoring

We’re 100% transparent. You can check-in on how things are going with your AiRESourcing campaigns at any stage.

Focused call sessions

Our local AiRESourcers are dedicated to you and your brand during their call sessions for maximum efficiency.

Data cleaning

We will update your data as we go, improving your database health. Every connect results in a qualified lead or a cleaner, better database.

Benefits of using AiRESourcing.

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