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Our approach.

AiRE offers a bureau of accomplished speakers with unrivalled expertise in technology, data, and real estate.

Our fresh presenting content gives real estate agents, property managers and businesses the concepts, tools and insights to reimagine real estate.

We offer a set of topics that can be delivered by any of our speakers, listed below, and tailored to your event theme and audience.

What to expect.

As the leader of future technologies in real estate, AiRE gives real estate agents, property managers and businesses the concepts, tools and insights to reimagine real estate. You can expect unrivalled expertise and deep research behind a presentation that is current, relevant, earnest and fun.  The AiRE Team can tailor their content to the needs of your event, whether that is a 20 minute keynote of a full-day interactive workshop.

2021 Keynote Topics.

These can be tailored to any length and will be delivered with your audience in mind whether that is business leaders, sales agents, property managers, or a mixed group.

Experience Is The New Brand.

The experience you provide to customers is a variable that should be unique for each business and take into account an array of different customer types and variable journeys. Humans working ‘on’ technology find it difficult to achieve a truly personalised experience at scale yet artificial intelligence and data hold the key to successfully managing thousands of unique relationships. Where shared experience is the new testimonial, real estate businesses are in a race to relationships as a competitive battleground in the new ‘eXperience economy’.

By Nerds for Normal People

When confronted with artificial intelligence and new technology, we find that the real estate industry are either excited by its potential or they are uncomfortable, perhaps even fearful, about the impact it may have on their livelihood. For the group that are excited, this presentation will help them focus on what is possible now, and give them frameworks to imagine an intelligent future. For those that harbour concerns, this talk will help them to understand emergent technology simply so that they can build trust and make informed decisions about how it will impact them in the future.

Collective Intelligence

In spite of the explosion of technology over the past decade, the real estate industry has not yet seen a true lift in productivity. The focus has been on ‘efficient’, while the spotlight has shifted away from ‘effective’ work. We must imagine a future of work where humans can leverage artificial intelligence workers to collaborate with humans to achieve more productive outcomes with limited additional investment of resources. This presentation will look at where human and technology systems intersect in real estate in order to supercharge the capabilities of agents and property managers.

Data-Driven Growth.

Successful sporting teams rely on analysts to build performance and depth in a team – and why should a real estate team be any different. By utilising advanced analytics techniques made possible by artificial intelligence, the AiRE team can present a new data-driven approach to growing your team using performance science. Understanding Human and Technology Systems to get the most out of tech and the people the people who use it, this session will help agency leaders work smarter and become a data-driven organisation.

New Tools For The Old Rules.

In many businesses, the advent of a broad digital toolkit has created complexity and diluted the quality of relationships between agents and the community of property owners they serve. The allure of ‘bulk’ marketing enabled scale but the cost was personalisation for customers and differentiation for agents. With Ai agents can capitalise on the relationships and data they own with the speed and insights generated by the new tools, enabling truly humanised service at scale.

It's Who You Know

The race to relationships in real estate starts with data. Most agents we know understand that they need to talk to more people, more often yet, a lot of the agencies that we encounter are data-rich but engagement poor as they do not have the right data-model to support the structures within their organisation.  Many have forgotten the value and the opportunity that is just waiting to be harnessed. Ai holds the key to a new and better way to manage data that identifies the opportunity and puts the right unit of work in front of the right person – at the right time – and for the right reason.

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Meet Your Speakers.

Here are your guides to the future of work in real estate.

Sarah Bell

Sarah has emerged as a highly sought after speaker and panelist on the intersection of artificial intelligence and human systems in real estate. Sarah is passionate about helping agents and organisations to understand this new technology, simply, so they can make confident and informed decisions about how to adapt to a future of work where human and digital resources collaborate.


  • Digital Live – Coach 2020
  • Inman Connect New York 2019
  • Proptech Summit 2019
  • Women in Tech Fest 2019
  • The Business of Real Estate 2019
  • REIQ Summit 2019
  • Property Management Learning Retreat 2019
  • RETG Tour 2019
  • REINSW Women in Real Estate Event 2019
  • ARPM 2016

Ian Campbell

In creating RiTA, Ian’s mission is to help real estate agents solve the problem of scale by providing them with a tool for smarter work that harnesses the power and the value of data, that is often an underutilised asset in a real estate business. Ian has an unmatched understanding of the data flow in the Australian and New Zealand real estate industry with analyst, growth and engagement positions at the very peak of the industry. Very serious about the work but not serious about himself, Ian is peerless in experience and wisdom for anyone that wants to understand the possibilities that exist in data.


  • Ray White NZ Property Management Symposium 2019
  • Ray White NZ Sales Symposium 2019
  • Stepps Digital Marketing Essentials Tour 2019
  • REB Reinnovate Conference 2017
  • Elite Agent x Claudio Encina: How To Lead A Winning Team 2017